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Symptoms that Typically Accompany Breast Cysts

Bloating and breast tenderness varying with the cycle

Bloating and breast tenderness always seems to accompany breast cysts.  Bloating and breast tenderness is related to too much estrogen or estrogen dominance.  This is caused from water retention from estrogen dominance.  Ranchers put a synthetic estrogen pellet that gives a slow release of synthetic estrogen to increase the weight of the cattle.  This synthetic estrogen causes the cattle to gain weight and retain water.  The rancher gets more money since the cattle are heavier and weigh more.

Typically, there i
s a synergistic reaction between the woman’s own estradiol that she produces and chemicals or herbs that mimic estrogen (xenoestrogens).  This combined effect of xenoestrogens and estradiol crescendo’s usually just before the woman’s period.  The excess estrogen or estrogen dominance causes water retention just before the period.

If you have bloating and breast tenderness, right before your period this means you have a xenoestrogen in your environment.

If you are able to get rid of xenosestrogens in your environment and wait 1-3 months for them to wash out, then you will not have bloating and breast tenderness.

Typically, when you have bloating and breast tenderness, the breast cysts will be more painful.

Leg Cramps and Uterine Cramps or Cramping

Estrogen Dominance leads to a magnesium deficiency.  Whenever you have a magnesium deficiency, this will lead to muscle tensing or cramping.  Women typically suffer from a “Charlie Horse”.  Women will also suffer from uterine cramping.  The uterus is simply a muscular upside down bag.  The magnesium deficiency will lead to the muscles tensing in the uterus and will lead to the familiar cramping.

Because chocolate is high in magnesium, women frequently suffer from chocolate cravings just before the period to try to relieve their magnesium deficiency.  Unfortunately, chocolate contains phenylethylamine.  Phenylethylamine that acts like estrogen and causes more estrogen dominance.  So chocolate both simultaneously helps with more magnesium and hurts with more estrogen dominance.

I usually recommend that my patients lay off chocolate and take magnesium supplements instead.  I like to give 400-600 mg/day of Magnesium Glycinate per day.  You cannot overdose on magnesium.  Magnesium is safe.  If you take too much magnesium, it will relax you bowels and you will get loose stools with diarrhea.  If you do have loose stools just back off on the magnesium.  Do not take magnesium oxide because the absorption rate is only 4%.  The absorption rate for magnesium glycinate is 40%.


The intestines are a long muscular tube made up of smooth muscle.  And when your body is deficient in magnesium, these tubular muscles also tense up.  This leads to constipation.

So Estrogen Dominance from xenoestrogens being put on your skin leads to a magnesium deficiency.  This in turn leads to your intestines tensing up and constipation.

What’s the fix?

The fix is to avoid xenoestrogens on the skin, and temporarily take Magnesium Glycinate 400-600 mg/day.  But not so much as to create loose stools.

You can also add bulk by eating a raw carrot.  Eating brown rice also helps because brown rice with the hulls contains magnesium.


I have lost 28 lbs. since January 2012. (3 months)

I have changed lots of things from make- up to laundry detergent. Everything is from the purple sheet. And I have been following the guidelines on the yellow sheet. Also focusing on diet, everything is organic, lots of green leafy veggies, limited fruits, because I want to limit sugars,& carbs. and organic meats,chicken and fish. Also I am taking Iodoral, I'm up to 1/2 tablet daily. Feeling much better. More energy. I have lost 28 lbs. since January 2012.

I've been on a modified Paleo diet.. Lots of lean protein and veggies..everything is fresh and organic. Nothing is from a box or a can, except I still use organic canned tomatoes. I totally eliminated sugar, carbs. dairy, and caffeine. Fruit is limited to one apple or pear daily, because of the sugar. My exercise consist of walking and gardening. ( at least 4 days a week)

Thanks for your help.

Peggy H.

April 2, 2012

Austin, Texas

Thyroid Problems - Hair Loss, Weight Gain, Lack of Energy

Estrogen Dominance also causes thyroid problems by decreasing the patient’s sensitivity to thyroid hormone.  The thyroid receptors are “sleepy.”  It is not that the thyroid levels are off.  The thyroid hormone levels are normal or low normal.  It is that the SENSITIVITY of the thyroid receptor is low.

The sensitivity of the thyroid receptor is low because of the excess xenoestrogens on your skin.

So many of my patients look hypothyroid.  They have thinning hair, fat around the belly and hips. and feel sluggish lacking energy.  When their physicians do a thyroid test, they find normal thyroid hormone.  So typically their doctor will send them away saying their thyroid hormone is normal.  Or their doctor will give them a little Synthyroid to make them feel better.  Typically, the patients do feel better when given a little thyroid hormone.

Avoiding xenoestrogens and taking progesterone wakes the thyroid receptor up after about 3-9 months.  Again, it takes about 1-3 months for anything that you put on the skin to wash out of the body.  If you are taking any thyroid hormone, make sure you tip toe down on the dose working with your physician.  As the thyroid receptor sensitivity goes up back to normal, taking thyroid hormone like Synthyroid will just be too much.  And you may experience hyperthyroid symptoms.  So you need to tip toe down on the thyroid hormone with your doctor.

I have seen quite impressive results with weight loss by avoiding xenoestrogens and taking progesterone.  One of my patients lost 28 pounds in just 3 months on this regime.   The patients typically do NOT change their diet, activity level or exercise.  They just lose weight.  The hormone changes alone by avoiding chemical estrogens is quite enough to lose weight.  No diet or exercise is necessary. 

By stopping estrogen dominance, my patients lose their appetite for sweets and carbohydrates.  Increasing estrogen is nature’s way of building up fat for the pregnancy. 

Estrogen Dominance causes you to have sweet craving and makes you want to eat more.  Getting rid of Estrogen Dominance conversely stops the sweet craving.  The pounds just melt away without any will power support.

Quite a few patients experience hair getting thicker and their hair stops thinning.  Again, this is the effect of waking up the thyroid receptor.  Some patients see this immediately within days of taking progesterone.  Others must eliminate xenoestrogens for 1-2 months, then take the progesterone to see their hair grow thicker.

Iodine Deficiency

Brownstein, MD has found that 90% or more Americans in the Mid West are deficient in iodine.  As you recall, iodine is incorporated into the thyroid hormone T3 and T4.  The problem is that fluorine and bromine which is similar to Iodine chemically can substitute for Iodine.  This means that hypothetically, your T3 and T4 can be poisoned with Bromine and Fluorine.  If this happens, then T3 and T4 even though they appear in the lab test as present and accounted for, may not work right.  This is because Bromine and Fluorine may substitute for the Iodine and make the T3 and T4 not work and useless.

Here you have a situation where the blood test says that enough T3 and T4 is present in the blood.  However, since the T3 and T4 are poisoned by the Bromine and Fluoride, the T3 and T4 do not work.

In addition your body tissue needs iodine as well.

Kelp doesn’t seem to work as well because it may only contain one type of iodine.

I recommend Iodoral or Lugol’s Iodine.  You must take both forms of iodine, both I2 and I- (iodide and iodine).  Some body tissue can take up one form of iodine and not the other.

Rare problems of iodine include soreness of the thyroid gland when taking iodine.  It maybe present in 1 out of 500 people.  TSH goes high when this happens.  Something blocks the uptake of iodine in the thyroid gland and then TSH goes high.  Rupture of the thyroid gland cells then occurs, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis may result.  Make sure you monitor the TSH when taking iodine above 3 mg/day.  Stop the iodine immediately if you have any soreness of the thyroid gland.

More common side effects of taking iodine include sinusitis and a metallic taste in the mouth.  These usually go away after stopping the iodine for several weeks.  If you want to speed up the process of detox from iodine, you may take powdered spirulina or chorella.

Tingling and burning in the Legs, and / or hands

Estrogen Dominance patients can also develop a tingling burning sensation in their legs and arms.  This is many times a neuropathy (nerve disease) that is caused by a vitamin B deficiency.  I simply instruct my patients to eliminate cosmetics and toiletries that contain xenostrogens from the skin, take progesterone, and take a good B vitamin complex.

I tell them to take the B vitamin complex in the morning.  If you take the B vitamins just before you sleep, then you will get vivid dreams.  B vitamins are water soluble, so you can’t overdose on them.  The only exception to this general rule is B6.  B6 in as little as 200 mg/day may prevent myelin synthesis.  Myelin is the “insulation” around the nerve which prevents “loss of the electrical signal” of the nerve.

A typical B-100 B Vitamin complex contains 50-100 mg/day of B6.

Elimination of xenoestrogens, taking progesterone, giving Vitamin B usually results, but not always results in decreased tingling and burning in about 3 months.


Emotional Depression is usually present in women with Estrogen Dominance, but not always.  If the emotional depression varies with the cycle, then there is a hormonal component.

Eliminating xenoestrogens or environmental estrogens, taking progesterone, and proper supplementation helps to get rid of the emotional depression in about 1-9 months.  Usually, my patients can slowly come off of their antidepressant with their physician. 

Most SSRI antidepressants also are xenoestrogens and mimic estrogen.  It is ironic that the antidepressant increases serotonin to help with depression, but also mimic estrogen to cause a  hormonal depression.


After about 3 months, I began to notice an improvement in my energy

About 6 months ago I was having several long term, chronic symptoms and would spend many a night perusing the internet to find a possible cause. I had been to many doctors over the years who informed me that it was all in my head because, "according to the blood work", I was healthy. It was all very frustrating. I was experiencing headaches that occurred around my menstruation, twitching around my eyes and in my abdominal region, dry flaky skin, constant sleepiness, high cholesterol, etc. I tried many things. Especially, for the headaches and twitching. Nothing worked! Then I found Dr. Eckhart's website. I immediately tried the progestelle and purchased the magnesium he recommended. WOW! The Mag stopped the twitching within days!! The Progestelle worked just like he said it would. At first, I had a horrible panic attack. So, I kept the recommended dosage but took half in the morning and half at night. I followed his instructions so as to remove estrogenic substances from use. After about 3 months, I began to notice an improvement in my energy, stopped taking nsaids for the headaches, was sleeping much better, and noticed a marked improvement in my skin. I stayed on the full dose another 3 months and now am tapering off. I still continue to avoid foods and substances on THE LIST. I am very satisfied with this product and am currently taking the bioflavanoids and iodoral. It's refreshing to know there are still M.D. 's out there that seem to really care about women's health and well being.

Dr. Eckhart, my sincere thanks!

Dayna L.

March 27, 2012

Santa Monica, California

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