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How to Use Progesterone Cream
Using topical progesterone for breast cysts is easy.  Just put it directly on the skin.   Just take 20-60 mg/day of topical progesterone per day from days 14-26 where day 1 is the first day of your period.  If you take progesterone before you ovulate, the ovaries will look at the progesterone level and may think that you are pregnant, and not ovulate.  So if you want to ovulate, you need to take progesterone after you ovulate.  Ovulation is normally day 14.

You may take progesterone twice a day or once a day.  Progesterone may make you sleepy, so many patients find it more convenient to take progesterone once a day before bedtime.  Progesterone will induce a very nice sleep.  Just be careful when you wake up at night that you don’t fall and hurt yourself.

Make sure you rotate areas.  One day put the progesterone on your right arm.  Then one day put the progesterone cream on your left arm.  One day on the chest and one day on the right leg.

If you continue to use the topical progesterone on the right arm day after day, then the subcutaneous fat will saturate and you will not be able to absorb any more progesterone.  So to continue to absorb progesterone you need to rotate areas so that the subcutaneous fat will not saturate.


Within days the sex drive was back to normal, and my breast cysts and pain had totally disappeared

I wanted to thank Dr. Eckart for many things. Well first of all, for his product Progestelle, which has changed my life. Before I started to use Progestelle, I had been experiencing hair loss for over 4 months, heavy bloating, lack of sex drive, and painful breast tenderness with some swollen cysts, heavy sinus congestion (difficult breathing) and sleeping problems and night anxiety, I did not know then that these are all symptoms of estrogen dominance.

For months I had been drinking lot of soy milk and other phyto-estrogens because I thought that they actually would help in these symptoms, and I was so confused, because my symptoms were actually getting worse.

I found this website and I finally started to learn about estrogen dominance, so I ordered Progestelle immediately, I started to use only between 1 and 2 droppers a day.

At first my symptoms got worse, except the breast tenderness, which seemed to improve immediately Dr. Eckart guided me with his advises and suggested that I first get rid of all xeno-estrogens I was using, and stop eating all strong phyto-estrogens included in his list, wait about a month then start Progestelle again.

I did do exactly so, it was easier than I thought, and I also started taking iodine, as the Doctor suggests, and it actually seemed to make me feel better already, then after 3 weeks I started to use Progestelle again on day 14.

This time, I started on a higher dose, to avoid delays or estrogen dominance reactions, I used 4 and half droppers a day this time, and already within 3 hours my anxiety was gone, I could breath normally, no short of breath at night, I could sleep like a baby, the day after my hair loss had totally stopped, my bloating was much less.

Within days the sex drive was back to normal, and my breast cysts and pain had totally disappeared. So I feel like a normal and healthy person again.

So thank you Dr. Eckart.

But I also want to thank Dr. Eckart for being so kind to me and to be so patient to reply to all of my emails and to provide so much professional guidance and solid advises that have proved to be all so valid and true and helped me to heal and change my life.

I am using Progestelle 14 days a month for now, and it seems that my cycle has become more regular than it was! I also wanted to add that if the dose you are using might seem to not work for you, do not get discouraged; it is a sign you need more. Everybody is different and we all react in different ways, so I would encourage to just increase the dose like I did, until it works and be committed to this life stye and it will get better!

It is hard to find doctors like Dr. Eckart, who are very knowledgeable in this subject, and who have have been doing such a deep research on estrogen dominance symptoms, and especially who are able to provide such a large list of things that are dangerous to use and of the things that are safe to use!!

I canceled my next appointment with a local naturopath, I feel fine now and I rather invest my money instead in getting myself larger amounts of Progestelle, which I know it works!!

I can provide here my email if anybody would like to get in touch with me!

micinomiau @

Lena C.

March 13, 2012

Portland, Oregon

Cream is Oil and water, progesterone is in the oil

Unfortunately, all progesterone creams contain oil because the progesterone is in the oil fraction.  So all progesterone cream have oil in them.  After applying the progesterone cream, after several minutes the water evaporates and all that is left is oil on the skin.

40% of all patients that take progesterone cream will have a temporary bad reaction because that have not gotten rid of environmental estrogens.  However, if you get rid of environmental estrogens, you will have close to a 90% success rate.

Usually, I have an above 90% success rate with breast cysts in 3-4 months, if the patient is willing to change her lifestyle and change the things on her skin.  Laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, deodorant and skin creams need to be changed.  In most cases, after making these lifestyle changes, progesterone is NOT needed to maintain healthy breasts.  While this is not good for my business, this is the truth.

These toiletries do not have to be expensive.   They can be cost effective and easy to get.

If the breast cysts become bigger and bloating and breast tenderness become worse after using progesterone, it means that there is still an environmental estrogen in the environment.  You need to stop progesterone.  Get rid of the chemical estrogen for at least 1-3 months, then try to use the progesterone again.  You can get a list of xenoestrogens with Progestelle and this company.


Her cyst is gone!

Dr. Eckhart

I wanted to let you know that my sister had a ultra sound and her cyst is gone! She had hardly used the progestelle at all yet. Thanks so much for your help we really appreciate it and also being able to talk to you on the phone was a real help!

Sincerely Monica W.

June 25, 2011

Vanderhoff, BC


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