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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t I need a hormone test before taking Natural Progesterone?

I used to like hormone testing in 1999.  However, I don’t do them now.  The reason why is that the hormone test almost always comes out normal for that woman for her age.  When the estradiol is high, the reason for this is easily traceable to a food or something she is putting on the skin.  Several cups of coffee per day elevates estradiol by 70% according to a Bringham Young University study.

Most women after the age of 35 for most cycles, but not all cycles have a progesterone level of close to zero.   This is because they are undergoing anovulatory cycles or menstrual cycles without ovulation. 

Normally before the age of 35, the follicle comes up, pops out an egg and becomes the corpus luteum.  The follicle produces estradiol.  The corpus luteum produces progesterone.

After the age of 35 for most cycles, but not all, the follicle comes up, and goes back down.  No egg is produced.  No corpus luteum.  No progesterone.  THIS IS NORMAL.

So, I just give progesterone if the woman is exhibiting Estrogen Dominance, and tell her to cut out xenoestrogens.  And tell her to cut out foods and lotions that increase estradiol.

The hormone test does not measure xenoestrongens.

For instance, lavender is a xenoestrogen.  The hormone test does not measure lavender.

How do I apply progesterone cream /  progesterone oil?

Apply the progesterone cream to the skin twice or once per day (before bed time).  Rotate areas.  If you keep on doing the same area, the subcutaneous fat will saturate and you won’t absorb any more progesterone.

How much do I use?

Use 20-60 mg/day depending on your condition.

When do I use progesterone?

If you do not want to conceive immediately, you may use progesterone anytime you do not have a period.

Otherwise, progesterone cream use for your particular condition comes with the literature with our product.

For progesterone use in pregnancy, consult a health care practitioner that is skilled in the use of progesterone to prevent miscarriage and early preterm delivery.

How long do I have to take progesterone?

The length of time you take progesterone varies with what you are dealing with.  Many patients, if they are really good about their avoiding xenoestrogens, find they don’t need progesterone after 3-4 months.  More serious problems take 6-9 months.

Some women find that avoiding environmental estrogens is too much hassle, and would rather take progesterone indefinitely.

How about using progesterone during pregnancy?

See your physician about the use of progesterone in pregnancy.  Stopping progesterone suddenly while pregnant will result in progesterone levels dropping suddenly.  This may or may not cause a miscarriage.  Tapering off progesterone VERY slowly after week 16 is the recommended procedure. 

Some patients that have developed anti-bodies to progesterone need to take topical progesterone during their whole pregnancy.  There is no danger in taking progesterone throughout their entire pregnancy.

Progesterone may be also used to prevent premature delivery.

Where is progesterone made from?

Progesterone is made from either a special breed of yams or soy.

Where can I find out more about Natural Progesterone?

Read the book, “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause”, by John Lee, MD.  Yes, I know the title says menopause, but there is much information on progesterone and associated Estrogen Dominance diseases.

Do I need a prescription for Natural Progesterone?

No, Natural Progesterone is Over-the-Counter in the USA.

How many bottles of Progestelle do I need?

For mild conditions, 1/2 botle per month will work.  For severe conditions, 1 bottle every 2 weeks may be needed.

Why is my hair thinning and fat is developing around my belly? 

Estrogen dominance from environmental estrogens make the thyroid receptor “sleepy”.  This looks like hypothyroid.  Hair thins.  Fat grows on the belly and hips.  This happens frequently after the age of 35.  Body temperature is 97.X F.  Normally, the body temperature should be 98.6 F.  You are for all intents and purposes hypothyroid.

However, thyroid hormone blood test is normal. 

The problem is NOT the thyroid blood hormones.

The problem is that your thyroid receptor is “sleepy” from Estrogen Dominance.

What’s the difference between oral progesterone and topical progesterone?

Topical progesterone is 10 times in potency as compared to oral, vaginal, and rectally administered progesterone.  This is because progesterone taken orally, rectally and vaginally is 90% prefiltered by the liver.

The vagina and rectum is drained by the portal vein that goes straight to the liver.

Topical progesterone, in contrast, goes directly into the body bypassing the liver.

Anything on the skin is 10 times in potency then oral, rectal or vaginal since it bypasses the liver.

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